Jon, it was good to hear your voice. I needed to hear you. I love and miss you son! I pray the Lord BUSTS OPEN DOORS SOON!

I’ve been out 3 days in the row for 3 hours and got my license renewed and my Social Security card! The best part is I got to pass out a bunch of tracts in Spanish and English to taxi drivers  on the streets and in the govt. offices! 

I also went to a Baptist Church last week in a hall.It cost me $50 to take the taxi round trip and had to call when I got there from the Pastor’s wife’s phone and when I left.. 

The Pastor was late 70’s as well as his wife. He preached from John 14 to “not let our hearts be TROUBLED”! During the offering I felt led to give $10 and wanted to give more but didn’t have much and thought about God telling to the Jews to give 10% and how early believers gave all!

So, after the service I said goodbye to the Pastor and hugged him and told others I would pray for them. He asked me how long I’d been been preaching and I said 45 years, as soon as I got saved! I told him we don’t know each but we’ll catch up in Heaven. As we hugged he said “oh I have something for you and pulled out of his pocket a bill. I told him not necessary but the Lord told him to give it to me. I put it in my pocket without looking at it. (It would be rude to check it out in front of him but I remember some of you kids did while we were going around the country raising money and you kids would sing and people would give you guys gifts. Hahaha!

Well when I walked out of Church to call a taxi I remembered the bill. I honestly thought the Pastor saw me put in $10 and was giving it back because he knew my situation.

Well, it was a 100 dollars! 10 times the Lord gave me as a wink from Him to encourage me! I guess I’m going back this week! Amen?

Then yesterday I talked to two black guys about why I was in jail with my three sons and to watch the documentary, to help their families. One of guy’s mom has diabetes a.d high blood pressure and he was having his mom watch the documentary.

Today I was praying for those men and I wanted to give them the “King of Kings magazine”and the “This was your life” tract when the Lord told me to get up and do it. I got up and got the books and tracts and they were standing there when I opened the and they thanked me for them and were excited. Two other men took them also! “Ask and it shall be given”. That goes for witnessing also, AMEN?

Love you guys,


Proverbs 3:5&6

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