Bishop Mark visited the Prayer Group with an update.

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Hello, dear listeners! What a tremendous blessing it was to have Bishop Grenon visit our daily prayer group. His presence brought such a wave of spiritual renewal and hope to us all. We are incredibly grateful for each of you who participated and showed your unwavering support for the Grenon family, who have been unjustly imprisoned for nearly four years. Your solidarity means the world to them and to us. Let’s continue to stand with them in faith and love. We urge you to keep the Grenon family in your prayers, asking for their swift release and strength during this challenging time. Additionally, if you can, please consider providing financial support to help with their ongoin expenses. Every bit of assistance makes a significant difference. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and generosity. Together, we can be a beacon of hope and support for the Grenons.

  1. Joan

    Hello Dick,
    If you ever watch any shows on YouTube please watch this last show of a fellow I follow Peter Santenello. The latest show was ( Inside America’s Corruption Capital-Washington D.C. US). I don’t know if Mark can watch YouTube yet on his computer. I have a 70-inch screen TV that I transfer these shows to. I will email Mark to see if he can see this show. It explains how big Pharma is connected to the government and why he probably ended up in jail with his sons.

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