April 20, 2024

Here’s the zoom link to join in with us: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81674189359

Also, please pray and consider becoming a Core Supporter in one of the monthly donor groups.

We urgently call upon you to consider taking action RIGHT AWAY in the following ways to provide financial support:


  1. Commitment of $500 per month: We need at least three dedicated members who can pledge this amount monthly to ensure the ongoing stability and well-being of the Grenon family.
  2. Commitment of $250 per month: Seven members pledging this amount monthly will significantly contribute to meeting the financial needs of the Grenon family and providing for their essential expenses.
  3. Commitment of $100 per month: Ten members pledging this amount monthly will make a substantial impact in supporting the Grenon family and helping them navigate this challenging time.
  4. Commitment of $50 per month: Another ten members pledging this amount monthly will further strengthen our ability to provide consistent financial support to the Grenon family and ensure their needs are met.
  5. Joining the Core Grenon Family Financial Support Groups: We invite you to join one of these groups, which will provide essential consistency in supporting the Grenon family. Your commitment will be invaluable in ensuring their well-being and security.