April 21, 2024

Now the other side of this is those
that follow the Lord and His purposes received blessings, guidance, protection
and peace! Look at Enoch, Noah, Job, Nehemiah, Esther, Ruth, Abraham, Moses,
Joshua, David, Solomon, Daniel, Shadrak, Mesech and Abendigo, Isaiah, Jeremiah,
and those that served the Lord in the New Testament such as Peter, John, James,
Paul etc.. The same can WILL happen to each man or woman that follows the Lord

How does one prepare for tomorrow?
Well, God gave Moses the key to “preparing” our days and Jesus taught
the same in Matthew 22 and that is: “To love the Lord with all thine
heart, souls, mind and strength”. In Deuteronomy 6:6-9, Moses told the
children of Israel what God COMMANDED and that was to teach their children
DILIGENTLY those words and talk about it when “Sitting in the house”,
“Walking outside”, “When they are going to bed” and
“When they wake up”. In other words, ALL THE TIME! Sounds like God
was telling them it was O.K. to be a FANATIC! I remember a long time ago I
heard and preacher say, “This Book (The Bible) will keep you from sin or
SIN will keep you from this Book!” Satan will do everything he can to keep
us from hearing from God and the main way to hear from the Lord is through His
Word! STUDY the Scriptures daily and STAY in the Word of God my friends so that
you can PREPARE your days!

Pay attention to what is happening
in Israel. That is God’s prophetical clock to show us that He is soon coming!
See John 14:1-6 as well as I Thess. 4:13-18. “Look up for our Redemption
draweth nigh!”. He will come as 
“thief” in the night. see Matthew chapters 24-25. Tell others
what Jesus has done daily! BE A FANATIC FOR HIM!!

Lord bless,


Proverbs 3:5&6

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