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All Power and Authority belongs to the LORD Jesus Christ!!!

Jonathan David to everyone out there in this perverse and sinful world. I would like to give an update on my situation and what little I know of Jordan’s situation.  Also how the LORD is speaking to me through my doubts and hardships.  I continue to serve Him and sometimes it seems those are the only doors opening for me at this time.  The doors of spiritual fruit that is.  Through it all we must remain faithful and be thankful to our LORD Jesus Christ, He knows best. 

Before I begin a short summary of my trip and experience to Yazoo city, the prison that is.  I would like to point out what led me to the subject of this newsletter.  Through the past few weeks, I have been struggling for various reasons.  One of the main reasons is doubt, doubting that God’s plans will work out.  It is part of the trial we go through in our lives and when things are not going “good”, well, that is what the devil does.  He tries to make you doubt enough that you get off the narrow path.  The path of faith.  And then by doing that, you will not be moved by the Holy Spirit which in turn makes you useless in the Kingdom of God.

So today, 04/29/24, I received my stuff that was shipped here from Miami.  I had read a devotion today and the Biblical passage was Matt. 28:18-20. (Note: I had to pause writing this, I had a download from the Holy Spirit right now.  I looked at my Bible in Matt. 28 and read verse 17 just out of curiosity.  Figures, it says, some doubted.  Wow, I didnt even know is said that, I was just following on the answer the Holy Spirit led me to.  This was just more confirmation.) 

Ok, back to what happened after reading the devotion. I decided to open my Bible, which I hadnt done in weeks.  Guess what passage had 2 book marks left in it? Where I must have “accidently” put there before packing it out in Miami.  Yep, Matt. 28 and the verses 18-20 were marked.  The Lord is telling not only me, but everyone. That He is in charge!!! Nothing escapes Him, all is going perfectly according to His plan.  I can say that the worse the things of the world are for us, the more we see the spiritual doors open.  We seem to invest more effort and focus on what matters.  And my update should show that a bit, i hope that you all enjoy it.  It hasn’t been easy, but simple in a godly way.

I packed out my stuff on April 10th and they moved me on the 12th, give or take a few days.  Just so happens that since there was so many people in this move, we were all taken to the airport for a little Con Air experience. (I like the movie by the way ;).  Well, mind you, we are chained the entire trip, so that means all day.  Feet shackled, and hands chained to a chain that goes around the waist. So forget scratching your head or if you have to do number 2.  They don’t take even one handcuff off, so no wiping.  I was prepared and didn’t need to do the number2. Thank God.

Throughout the flight I witnessed and shared my story with a couple of guys. O yea, they didn’t even give us food, they “forgot”.  But the air police and marshals sure did walk by us with their wonderful full plates of sausages and chips, etc.  We didn’t even get any water also.  Seems the Feds don’t care about human rights.  This is happening all the time in the prison system, to your sons, daughters,dad’s, mom’s, sister’s, brothers and more.  Yes, there are many guilty people, I know this, but to not feed or give drink to someone is down right cruelty.  I believe the LORD is allowing me to go through this for many reasons, some I don’t even know yet.  One is to expose the evil of our DOJ and prison systems.  I was sick years ago, God led me to a natural substance, the Chlorine Dioxide.  And after I was healed, I began to help many people overcome their diseases.  SO I suffered for years to then help many for years also.  Is this what is happening now? Am I gonna be a voice in the “wilderness”, well in the prison system that is? To expose the evil happening to so many people by revealing the truth?  I sure am trying to.  Evil needs to pay for what it has done and is doing, but that wont happen if we don’t make a stand.

Getting back to my story, it ain’t fiction people, its for real.  We had a short stop in Jacksonville to pick up more modern day slaves, also known as inmates. Then off to Oklahoma, mind you this is pretty much the first time that I have been outside in over 3 years.  The sun was warm and bright and I was thankful.  But seeing people moving freely and about, laughing,joking,drinking, eating what they want.  The anger begins to rise within. Who do these people think they are?  Then I remember my King, the LORD Jesus Christ.  He went through it for me, I must continue in this battle for others.

So after having the chains taken off, we were taken to the unit I would be in. Got a good bunky/roommate, that is always nice. Shared my story with him, he ended up being a believer in Jesus Christ.  Seeing he was older I took the top bunk, not many people do that.  It keeps me in better shape, haha.  Got to talk with the family and update them on my situation. Also wrote Jordan, who at this time was still in communication.  But the next day, a Friday I believe. While in the TV room, a huge racial fight popped off, of about 40 people.  You must at this time be very aware and stay out of the way. Guys were getting busted up just for freezing in the middle of it.  So i made my way to the room, where we all were locked up for the weekend.  Early Tuesday, around 1am-2am. I was called out to be bused to Yazoo city.  Again, chained all over. Then sitting in a cramped bus. Try to eat while chained like this, it is really difficult.  After about 8-12 hrs., not sure how many.  We arrived at our destination.  Mind you, I have been told from the case manager in Miami, that I would be going to a camp.  But they pulled into the “LOW II”, the final stop.  Just so everyone knows, this was a Medium and is still being ran pretty much like that.  So lets get the real prison experience I guess.  It will only get better.  After everyone had been checked in, pics taken, etc..  I was called by the Counselor to go over things. While doing that she says, so Jordan. I said ma’am, I am Jonathan, that is my brother.  She says Oh. Then she takes me in front of like 3-4 more personnel.  And they ask me my name, I give it to them. They then ask if I am sure.  Of course I am.  Seeing for the “100th” time how the J Grenon’s unintentionally leave a mark, haha.  This whole time gives me the opportunity to give my testimony and witness of the LORD Jesus.  They wont forget me now.  But not everything is so great, it seems.  They say I have to go to the SHU)where the worse inmates go for punishment).  Not because I did anything wrong, just because they didn’t have my papers complete.  So I said, I am being punished for not doing wrong, correct?  The story of my life. 

SO they take me outside and while waiting to be taken to the SHU. I am standing in the sun and basking in it. When take to the SHU, they have procedures.  Handcuff and hold my arm and walk me in.  Put me in a cell, cage with no toilet for a few hours.  Given a change of clothes, all orange, which you have to change in front of someone.  Shame, nah, past that.  Before removing me from the cage, they have to put on cuffs through a sliver in the door, then open up and guide me by the arm to the room, “reserved” for me.  It was smelling like rotten milk, which was in the room.  But I had a nice hot shower, cause there are showers in these rooms.  And I was alone, which looking back now.  I can see that the LORD was giving me rest, because since being in the unit I have been quite busy talking to people about the LORD. And moving about doing the necessary things here.  There also was a Gideon Bible in the room, I have found them all around the world, Lord bless that mission.  SO after I took the shower and read the Bible, exhaustion took over and I slept.  Not knowing when I would be put in General Population.  In the morning after a good night sleep, they pulled me out and prepared me to be put in General Population. Changed clothes, met case manager and off to orientation.  From there to chow, which is what food is called in prison.  Then I had to go to laundry to get my new and improved attire. After going to R & D and finding out what unit I would be in, E-3. I take the walk of “fame”.  New guy in the unit.  What they don’t know, I do.  A son of the living g God has arrived on his next mission, determined to change lives.  You see, an adventure is not always fun and games, it comes with danger and hardships.  You learn to look forward to new adventures, well I believe the Holy Spirit leads you to. 

As I walk in the unit and head to room 218. I see a guy standing against the wall. He has a Dominican’s face, so I say what’s up in Spanish.  But in the Dominican way of saying it.  His eyes go wide and he follows me and asks, where are you from?  He hardly believes this white guy with blue eyes is Dominican. SO I explain my story, a missionary most of my life in the DR, my wife is Dominican, etc..  Then seeing there are 3 Dominicans in this unit, they begin to help me.  They give me a few clothes, a pair of sneakers to borrow and more essentials until I get better set up.  They then present me at chow and rec. to more guys.  I get to know the Dominican family and my new adventure has begun.

Now, I don’t want to cover everything. As one day I will have a book, Lord willing, with many more details and experiences.  Just so you all know, I have met so many people cause I approach and speak to everyone. Whether they are black,white,yellow, red, Latinos, Americans, Africans,Muslims, Catholics, Christian, etc.. TO many to mention, so I just approach anyone and if someone doesn’t want to talk, then I don’t, but I still try to reach them with kindness, I look for the difficult ones, I thrive in challenges, I lean to them.   I don’t see color, culture, or religion, I see lost souls needing salvation and I am determined to take part in the Kingdom of God.  Been to church services and encouraging the preachers and lighting a spark in them, the Holy Spirit that is.  All the Dominicans, over 30, had me pray for them.  Also I do Bible study almost every night before lockdown with a few guys that were doing it before I came.  I am infiltrating everywhere, as a spy/ambassador of our LORD Jesus Christ.  I am going to leave my story for now at that. So much more is going on everyday, I just try to stay in the will of God.  John 6:38-40 says: “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of Him that sent me. And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which He hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of Him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.”

So the will of God for our lives, all of us.  Is to witness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  No matter the job you have, the situation you are in, the sickness you suffer from.  In everything you do, you must remain in the will of God, there is no safer or better place to be in.

Although Jordan has not been able to communicate with us for over 2 weeks, just today I had to change what I was gonna write because we have heard from him. He is in Ft Dix, New Jersey prison.  They say it is better there.  He has been talking with a believer, praise God, brothers together in Christ to encourage each other.  He didn’t have commissary or wasn’t able to leave his room for the 2 weeks. So hard time for sure.  So pray for him.

As for our appeal, our appeal is to Heaven, to the only True Judge, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Christ, the Saviour of all, the Almighty One, the Name above all names, the I am,Jehovah, Yahweh, also my Father and Friend.  I have peace knowing that I must fight the good fight, hold the line, stand firm.  Because my King is coming with vengeance in His hands, the hands we pierced. To give to all,according to His righteous Judgment.  O praise the One that took my place, for if He didn’t, I was doomed.  Amen, Hallelujah.  It’s time people of God, it is time to make a stand against evil.  Will you join me? 

May God bless us all.

Jonathan David

A servant of the LORD

P.S  A guy in here was not able to eat well for over 10 days. Something wrong with his stomach he said.  So I told him to take hot water with garlic, onion and salt in it.  After 3 days, he told me that he is feeling better and I see him eating throughout the day.  Also I witnessed to him, there is always something we can do for another. 

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