Special Prayer Request from Bishop Grenon

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I want everyone to know that my sons and I are innocent and it will be proven one day. It has been 41 months that we have been unlawfully held by a Corporate for-profit pseudo government that is abusing 350 million people as slaves!

Even in this “corrupt unjust system” they have given me a date to be released based on my age.

Today is December 11th, 2023 and it is the date that I am eligible for “elderly offender” release. This means that the BOP (bureau of Prisons) will allow my release after fulfilling 66% of a 5 year sentence to be release with a 3 year “supervised release” to a place of my choosing. I received this date from the BOP 2 weeks ago in a sheet called “Computation data”. I’ve been requesting this date to be honored and today I am still being held without knowing whether I will be released today. I’m asking everyone to pray that this institution will release me soon. The warden here has to sign to authorize my release so pray that happens. Last Friday I submitted to my unit counselor a BP-8 form requesting to be released today. I don’t know if it was even submitted as of yet. It is frustrating to see and experience a system that doesn’t do things in timely matters especially when it effects people’s “LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness” in such a profound way. So please pray, Thank you.


Provers 3:5-6

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