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Hey, prayer warriors! 🙏 It’s time to gather at the river once again, as we come together daily at 12:00 Noon Central time to lift our voices in unity and seek God’s blessings. 🕛 Today was extra special as we were graced by the presence of a true warrior for justice—Mark paid us a visit and shared words that resonated deeply with our hearts.

In the midst of our fervent prayers, we were also blessed to have filmmaker John Ross join our virtual sanctuary. 🎥 John has been on an incredible journey, chronicling the courageous stand taken by the Grenon family. For over 1,212 days, these men have been unjustly imprisoned by a corrupt foreign government agency. Yet, they remain steadfast, unwavering in their commitment to uphold the God-given rights of all men and women.

The Grenon family has not faced a single living soul who can claim they’ve been harmed by them. Their imprisonment is a testament to the battle against corruption and the pursuit of justice. We stand with them in solidarity, praying for their release and for the triumph of righteousness.

Everyone is invited to join our daily prayer meetings, where we uplift one another and intercede for those who face injustice. CLICK HERE for the invitation link. Join in from anywhere in the world. CLICK HERE for the Global Invitation. Today’s gathering was a powerful reminder that our prayers are not in vain, and our voices are heard.

Special gratitude to Mark and John Ross for sharing their presence and stories with us. 🙌

As we navigate this river in the desert, let’s continue to stand firm, united in prayer and purpose. Consider supporting our ministry, as every contribution helps us extend the reach of our prayers and support to those in need.

Please consider contributing to their cause by ordering Mark’s books  found here: https://www.printshopcentral.com/bookstore/books?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=gRENON

(search for volumes 1-3, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE by Mark S. Grenon) share the link with friends and family. It can save their lives!

Mark’s 2016 Documentary by Genesis II Church: https://redpilluniversity.org/chlorine-dioxide-the-universal-remedy-that-drug-companies-hate/?asp_highlight=Chlorine+Dioxide&p_asid=1

* Please Pray about donating.  Here is the campaign site.  https://www.givesendgo.com/G9AT9

* If you are international donors or, experiencing problems with the Givesendgo website, use the following link: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=P53KG4PETKH2Y

* Join the Prison Bible Donation Ministry.  Help Save Souls!  https://the-river-in-a-desert-ministry.com/name-and-addresses-for-prison-bible-drive

With heartfelt gratitude,

May the rivers of justice flow, and may our prayers be the currents that guide us.

Blessings, Rivers in a Desert Ministry 🌊🙏

BISHOP GRENON’S VISIT PARTS II, III AND IV I know that you will be blessed!

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