Bishop Mark Grenon Leaves Prison

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On Wed, May 29, 2024 at 12:20 PM Cindy wrote:

Hello Brother, I just wanted to let you know I picked up Mark Grenon in Miami at 10 o’clock. I took him to the transitional place. He was supposed to go and he’s now there so all is well and praying and believing that we can get him moved to where I live and be in the cottage And write his book. Thank you for all that you’re doing all those have given to him. He looked well. I can’t believe he didn’t get in the sunshine for four years. They didn’t let him in the sun or to the outside that breaks my heart, anyhow, onward, and upward and victory and moving forward, God bless you and all those who contribute and all those who keep him and his family in prayer. 

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  1. Rex Rossbach

    it is unconscionable what they have done to this man and his sons

    • Living_Waters333

      Thanks for you loyal support! The Lord Bless you!

      I’m always amazed when I talk to them and discover that they hold no guile in their hearts against those who have conspired to steal life source from this precious family.

  2. Patty De Arquette

    May God’s Love and Light shine your Path beautiful and Courageous Man ! So happy to see you out of there !!!!!

    See you in the near future,
    God Bless you and yours……
    Patty and beloved Pet “Macarooni “

  3. Angela

    Amen! Praise God who is doing great things and makes beauty from ashes! Your kingdom come oh, Lord!

  4. Scott Russell

    To see the man who greatly assisted me in the saving of my life walk out of prison is indescribable.
    Mar,k from the Columbian prison, instructed me as to how to save my own life with kindness, patience and compassion so that I now live the healthiest life I have ever experienced. If there is a way that I could speek to Mark that would be incredable.
    Love You Mark

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