How are you???? I missed talking to you so much… How are you feeling? Is your health ok? What is going on right now? I want to donate to support you one bit again, but give me some secure way. 

I am following up around 100 000 people right now. God made it grow and people are healing in the most miraculus ways. God wanted me to split the work into two realities, so now walking among diseases like in my own home right now, and time to enter spiritual realm and master it with God’s leadership. Guess what, God is behind CD, and I was sent to learn from you guys. So do not worry. God will take care of your boys too. 

This is what we were ment to do. And it is my honour to know you and learn from you. You helped thousands through me while you were in prison; cancers gone, autism, MS, ALS, fibromialgias, trigeminal neuralgias, brain disorders… even Tourette, diabetes 1 and 2, you name it… around 15 000 testimonials…

It is worth of any pain we have to endure. 100%. 

Waiting to hear from you!!!!

With aloooot of love!